Enhancing autonomy during cooking and meals with an omnidirectional, yet safe trolley

Enhancing autonomy and enabling independent living

Living independently for a long time depends heavily on mobility within one’s own four walls. A trolley, which serves both as a support and as a transport aid helps to ensure a barrier-free life and thus more of the desired independence.

Developing Gira

In Switzerland, the team worked on the design of Gira, its material features and developed a braking system

Multiple iterations of prototyping leads to a design proposal. Gira becomes a two tier, omnidirectional tier trolley made from stable and easily cleaned materials. The height is adjusted to counter-top height and the shape allows easy handling.

Adapting Gira to the context in Korea

Gira becomes a modular system with changeable tops to cater for different needs

Through user testing, interviews and observations, we adapted Gira to the context in Seoul. We found that cooking at home doesn’t have the same priority for seniors in Seoul as it does for seniors in Switzerland, there was however an interest in having a modular and multi-purpose serving trolley.

Francesco Marcantoni


Hannah Casey


Massimo Scheidegger


Shania Soares