Improving the life of seniors
in Korea and Switzerland

A set of local-to-global projects addressing age-related challenges
Interdisciplinary teams of students from engineering (EPFL, KAIST) and design (ECAL, Hongik University)
By developing solutions for local contexts and testing them abroad
An interdisciplinary and intercultural experience

In KimCheese, interdisciplinary teams of students develop solutions for seniors in their home country, and travel abroad to question them in a different socio-cultural context.

Participants work in interdisciplinary teams, mixing engineering and design competencies
to address local ageing-related challenges. Then, the Korean teams test and adapt their solution in Switzerland, while the Swiss teams do the same in Korea.

2022 Edition

Improve different aspects of seniors’ life in Korea and Switzerland

The 24 participants worked on challenges faced by older adults in the fields of inclusivity, autonomy and mobility. They prototyped 6 different solutions and tested them in the field, at home and abroad.

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Working with colleagues who have different backgrounds and skills was really helpful to enhance integrated thinking ability.

SeungWoo LeeKAIST student, 2022 edition
Shared vision, different locations

A learning process based on asynchronicity

A set of hands-on mini-modules covering design process, gerontology and groupwork supports the teams throughout the development and implementation of their solution.